Fence Sitting








Bible Verse (KJV)

Joshua 24:2-15

Post Modernism has a lot to answer for. The lack of empathy between humans. The empty nihilistic feelings our youth have inherited. And the bleak hopes for the future that is forced on this and future generations.

We have been forced to listen to those who are neither positive nor negative. Those who will switch sides of an argument as often and as quickly as someone may change their clothes.

In these verses we find a line being drawn in the sand by Joshua. He first outlines everything God has done for the Israelite's. The lengths God had gone to in proving his love for this rebellious people.

He then explains that the time had come once again for them to decide which side of the fence they would stand. And that the time for fence sitting was once again over. Though in reality it was never an option.

The question posed by Joshua is as real today as it was in his time. Will we return and embrace the promised goodness of our Lord and Saviour? Or will we follow those who are creating a self absorbed nihilistic void of a universe. Where doing the right thing is no longer fashionable?

In the words of Joshua: I believe we should each stand our ground and state with firm conviction...

"as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."


Lord, the World in its' cold impassive emptiness screams of those who have embraced self seeking ways. The chaos can be deafening.

Please help my unbelief. Help me find the still quietness of my heart. Where I can once again listen to the guiding comfort of your Holy Spirit.

Lord, let me with a glad heart and without fear, say in public, that I and my family will serve you always.